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Oil shale water-rights battle brewing over Shell’s Yampa River claim

Towns and counties along the Yampa River in rural Northwest Colorado are starting to gird for battle against mighty Shell Oil, which in December filed a claim on the Yampa for enough water to fill a proposed reservoir for future oil shale production.

Farmer and listener, Salazar is a good choice for Interior

On Wednesday morning, President-elect Obama announced that Colorado Sen. Ken Salazar will lead the Department of Interior in the new administration.

Udall, Schaffer throw gas on McCain water-statement wildfire

Congressman Mark Udall Friday in Vail graciously resisted “piling on” Arizona Sen. John McCain for his now-infamous gaffe last weekend about wanting to renegotiate the Colorado River Compact, while the “cold, dead political carcass” of Udall’s Senate opponent, Bob Schaffer, nervously laughed off what McCain “may” have said to the Pueblo Chieftain.

Dick Wadhams, Wally Stealey trade barbs over 527s at Vail water...

Colorado Republican State Chairman Dick Wadhams sparred with influential lobbyist Wally Stealey in Vail Friday over the negative campaigning of independent political committees, campaign finance reform and the disaffection of voters with their respective political parties.

McCain gaffe on water rights could lose Colorado voters

Did John McCain signal the end of his Republican presidential run and launch his next campaign for the U.S. Senate in a phone interview with The Pueblo Chieftain last week?
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