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In Senate run, Gardner may be hard-pressed to sell far-right record

Republicans here generally seem to be banking on Gardner as a political type that has been missing in the ranks as late. The hope is that he can sell a brand that has increasingly skewed old, hardcore, inflexible and threatening.

Waiting for the shakeout

There are people in Big Money Republican circles eyeing campaign races around the country. So far, they don’t see anything worth spending on in swing-state Colorado

As Woman Takes Top Job, Sex Assaults Still Plague Air Force...

A decade after a rape scandal rattled the Air Force Academy, reports of sexual assaults involving cadets are surging, according to Colorado Springs’ rape crisis center.

Wadhams: Washed up or back on winning track in Michigan?

Depending on what website you first saw the weekend news about Dick Wadhams’ new job, the former Colorado Republican Party chief is either a genius political puppet master/kingmaker or a bumbling GOP operative who badly botched the last few races in his home state.

Brown, Owens, Suthers, Stapleton announce support for Mitt Romney

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney today announced the support of several Colorado Republican heavyweights including former senators Hank Brown and Wayne Allard, former Governor Bill Owens, former Congressman Bob Beuprez, current Attorney General John Suthers and current Treasurer Walker Stapleton.

Walt Klein, Ken Buck’s Norton killer, now hunting Bennet

On Primary Day two weeks ago, Weld County D.A. Ken Buck had just defeated former Lieutenant Governor Jane Norton to win the GOP nomination to face Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet in the general election. Buck campaign consultant Walt Klein gave a short speech to the crowd at the victory party in Loveland and then climbed down from the stage onto the floor, smiling and shaking hands. Klein has been working Colorado Republican electoral politics for thirty years and was basking in the hard-fought success of this latest campaign. "How many Nortons is that now?" asked the Colorado Independent. Klein's smile turned into a grin and he shot three fingers into the air.

Buck campaign: ‘He’s the underdog and proud of it’

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck got creamed on the numbers this week. He drew $40,000 in the fourth quarter of 2009 compared to GOP frontrunner Jane Norton's $550,000 haul. Democratic incumbent Michael Bennet pulled in a cool $1.1 million. "That's today's story," said Buck campaign manager Walt Klein.

Washington Times forgets Colorado recently had a Republican senator

Poor Wayne Allard. The recently retired Republican senator from Colorado seems to have gone down the memory hole at The Washington Times, like an out-of-favor Politburo member erased from history by Pravda.

Bennet: Sotomayor nod ‘historic,’ a ‘tremendous choice’ for high court

One of the two Coloradans who will actually have a vote whether Judge Sonia Sotomayor sits on the Supreme Court applauded the nomination Tuesday. U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, a Democrat, heaped praise on Sotomayor in a statement, calling her pick "historic" because she could be the first Hispanic on the court.

CSU chancellor search committee meets as House votes on university leadership...

The Colorado State University chancellor search committee is meeting this afternoon to review a second round of roughly 12 candidate applications for the university's new top spot. The committee reviewed a first set of about the same number of applications last month, according to CSU spokesperson Michele McKinney. So far, none of the names of the candidates for the position have been revealed.
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