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Colorado’s piece of omnibus pork

Taxpayers for Common Sense has put out its "Version Three" spreadsheet of earmarks contained in the omnibus spending bill for Fiscal Year 2009. It's an Excel document that can be searched by bill, earmark, representative, senator, state and more! The Colorado delegation pulled down its share of cash, but none of the state's officials ranked among the top earmark getters.

Perlmutter gives tainted money from defense contractor lobbyist to charity

Colorado Rep. Ed Perlmutter denied any wrongdoing Thursday in discussing earmarks the congressman secured for defense consultancy IHS, Inc., a client of disintegrating lobby firm PMA, which is under investigation by the FBI.

Lamborn, Tancredo and Allard flunk poverty scorecard

Gentlemen, go to the back of the class, says the Sargent Shriver National Center for Poverty Law. Rep. Doug Lamborn and recently retired Rep. Tom Tancredo earned failing grades on the center's new poverty scorecard ranking the 110th Congress on its votes on bills legislating fair pay, housing, college financial aid, unemployment and other measures designed to lift working class folk out of poverty.

Tancredo rides into the sunset speaking Spanish; Allard is, well, Allard

As Colorado’s newest members of Congress are being sworn in and readying their offices, the messages for two of the Centennial State’s outgoing federal lawmakers have been less than flattering. Indeed, a Denver Post profile about former Rep. Tom Tancredo and retired Sen. Wayne Allard has hardly turned out to be swan songs for the lawmakers, at least to the many who’ve left comments of response.

Mystery senator holds up bailout money watchdog, but not Allard

Rampant speculation has fingered retiring U.S. Sen. Wayne Allard, R-Colo., as a likely suspect for holding up the nomination of Neil Barofsky to be the Treasury Department's special inspector general in charge of overseeing the $700 billion (and climbing) Wall Street bailout.

Former CU Regent calls David Skaggs the clear choice for CSU...

Sen. Wayne Allard has floated his name out there. State Rep. Bernie Buescher says he’d do it. Perennial college presidential favorite Hank Brown has been mentioned. And now former Republican CU Regent Jim Martin is promoting the man he thinks is the obvious choice to lead Colorado State University: former congressman and current executive director of the Colorado Department of Higher Education David Skaggs.

Rumor mill in overdrive about new CSU president: Allard, Buescher, Hank...

The day the announcement went out that Colorado State University (CSU) President Larry Penley was unexpectedly stepping down in the middle of the semester, retiring U.S. Sen. Wayne Allard telephoned Doug Jones, the president of the college’s Board of Governors, to express his sorrow. Allard, according to board spokeswoman Michele McKinney, also added that he was interested in the job. The media got wind of it, and the rumor mill’s been ratcheted up ever since.

Allard still not taking constituent e-mails as Senate term winds down

Retiring Sen. Wayne Allard has stopped taking constituent e-mails and is gradually shutting down his office, The Denver Post reported in a front-page story Tuesday. A Lakewood constituent even got the brush-off from the senator's office when he tried to communicate his feelings about a federal bailout for ailing auto companies but "went to Allard's website and found the advisory about how the senator was no longer taking electronic comments." Allard's e-mail embargo isn't news to Colorado Independent readers, however — we covered the story seven weeks ago in a story with the headline "Allard shuts down contact page three months before term expires."

ProgressNow swings at possible Allard presidency as ‘disastrous’

It didn’t take long for ProgressNow to come out swinging at the prospect that retiring RepublicanU.S. Sen. Wayne Allard may be in the running to replace Colorado State University President Larry Penley, who resigned unexpectedly in midsemester. Just after Allard’s name started making the rounds, ProgressNow Executive Director Mike Huttner fired off what is sure to be the first of many salvos.

Retiring Sen. Wayne Allard floated as possible head of CSU

In the latest twist to the presidential saga at Colorado State University, retiring U.S. Sen. Wayne Allard is being touted as a possible replacement for President Larry Penley, who abruptly resigned mid-semester less than two weeks ago.
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