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Parked: Residents of Greeley-area mobile home park feel abandoned A community...

GREELEY— Steve Spencer has lived in the Hill-N-Park subdivision in unincorporated Weld County on and off since he was 16. At 42, Spencer is thinking about...

The ‘creepy clown’ phenomenon has come to Colorado

  Tyler Hill, the spokesman for the Weld County district attorney's office in Colorado, never thought he would pen a press release like the one he put out today. Complete...

Looking at another soft-focus fracking story from the gas patch

Full disclosure, reinforced steel pipes, food, gardens, kids, toy stores. What’s to worry about?

Polis welcomes Exxon CEO to enraged-about-fracking club

"I would like to officially welcome Rex to the ‘Society of Citizens Really Enraged When Encircled by Drilling’ (SCREWED)," said Colorado's Second-District congressman.

Littwin: Never mind secession, we got sheriffs

Welcome to Colorado, where (some) gun laws are not laws at all. Really.

Flood conditions overwhelm state oil-and-gas regulators

Intact oil and gas wells are alike. Damaged oil and gas wells are each damaged in their own way. Weld County, Colorado, is host to...

Conservative Rep. Stephens Supports ‘Abortion Pill’ in Instances of Rape, Incest

Rep. Amy Stephens -- a Colorado Springs Republican who once worked for evangelical powerhouse organization Focus on the Family -- argued Tuesday against an anti-abortion proposal that would have made providing emergency contraception to victims of rape and incest a Class 3 felony.

Weld County Vote Against Emergency Contraception Leaves Patients Looking Elsewhere

A controversial and unreported move by the Board of Weld County Commissioners to stop dispensing emergency contraception has forced low-income county health department patients to seek the drugs at the scant number of non-profit clinics in the area.

Anadarko’s billion-barrel oil boom stirs fracking fears along Colorado’s Front Range

Revelations Monday that Houston-based Anadarko may be sitting on up to a billion barrels of oil along Colorado’s Front Range immediately raised concerns about the environmental impacts of hydraulic fracturing in an area of increased residential growth in recent years.

GOP economic plan: ‘Foreclose, baby, foreclose,’ then ‘drill, baby, drill’

One of the themes that emerged from last week’s Republican presidential debate in Nevada – the foreclosure capital of the United States – is that GOP candidates largely don’t think the federal government should do much to fix the ongoing housing crisis.