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In a longtime conservative stronghold, Weld County voters drift from GOP

As Colorado inches to Election Day, its status as a swing state has not dimmed — and Weld County, a traditionally conservative stronghold encompassing Greeley and much of the Eastern Plains, is being eyed by many as one of a handful of counties that could make or break the election for either party. Two years ago Gov. Bill Ritter stunned observers by winning Weld by a squeaker. This year, with a hotly contested congressional race and shifting party affiliations — fewer Republicans and more Democrats, percentage-wise — Weld is squarely in the spotlight.

Colorado coming down to Greeley?

As Weld County goes, so goes the purple state of Colorado. The New York Times has some interesting video reporting up today that shows Greeley as the poster child of Colorado's new status as a swing state. Although the traveling Times video crew doesn't report much beyond anecdotal interviews with residents, their choice of Greeley as a bell-weather county in Colorado isn't too far off.

Uranium Mining Whets Thirst for Drinking Water

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