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The Story after the Story: Remembering Armando Montaño a Year Later

A YEAR AGO this week, I found myself in Shove Chapel on Colorado College’s campus where, at roughly age 10, Mando and I had sneaked in with the idea of drinking from the baptismal font. We had goaded each other right up to that moment, but for whatever reason, it didn’t quite pan out — either the stone basin was dry or we couldn’t find it. The truth is, I already can’t remember. Regardless, we gave up on the font sipping and moved on to the trees outside the chapel, a grove of them, easy to climb, that offered high shade between the buildings in which our parents, CC professors, roamed offices, classrooms, pages.

Aurora Shooting Anniversary Rally Promotes Gun Control as Worthy Memorial

AURORA-- Advocates for gun control gathered at noon in a sun-blanched local park to mark the one-year anniversary of the midnight movie-theater shooting here that killed 12, injured 70 and gripped a nation grown accustomed to a news cycle that now features indiscriminate gun massacres at regular intervals.

Supreme Court Declines Denver Abortion-Protest Case, Handing Win to the Offended

In the battle between the right to offend with free expression and the right to not be offended by free expression, the U.S. Supreme Court this week handed a win to Americans who don't want to be offended.

This is not a post about ugly Baptist group that craves...

That Kansas-based Christian group that protests at the site of gay hate crimes, U.S. military funerals and pretty much anywhere there might be someone...
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