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GOP looks to lock up key energy county in contentious GarCo...

GARFIELD COUNTY - Democrats drew up the blueprint on how to dominate a state in Colorado’s 2008 general election, but Republicans wrote the game plan for snatching a local election using outside oil and gas money – and they’re apparently sticking to it in 2010 Garfield County commissioners race.

McInnis Lincoln Day dinner appearance trains light on GarCo commissioner race

Happy coincidence or strategic tipping of his campaign hand? That’s what Garfield County Democrats must be wondering after the “surprise” appearance of Republican gubernatorial...

Even as Hickenlooper sets to announce candidacy, McInnis continues campaign against...

GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis will continue to pound on Democratic Gov. Bill Ritter’s more environmentally stringent oil-and-gas drilling regulations despite the fact that Ritter has pulled out of the race, according to McInnis spokesman Sean Duffy. “Whichever Democrat is chosen [to run for governor]-– whether he’s chosen by the Democratic Party or the White House -- [he or she will] have to defend the Democratic record on jobs or discuss how they believe the Democrats have been wrong,” Duffy told the Colorado Independent Monday. “So that’s a conversation they can have amongst themselves.”

Forget Ritter, can McInnis even make it past Penry?

The question is no longer whether Scott McInnis would have beaten Mark Udall in last year’s U.S. Senate race – a suggestion he made to the Colorado Independent that touched off a minor firestorm last fall – but just how he’ll fare getting the GOP nod to take on Gov. Bill Ritter next year.

Energy-backed front groups turn up the heat in Garfield County

Two Democrats running for county commissioner in Garfield County have accused conservative front groups with energy-industry backing of reaching new lows with deceptive attack ads and mailers, including one made to look like a legitimate newspaper.

Energy-funded 527 targets Garfield County Commission race

A 527 group funded by an oil and gas company is slumming in a down-ticked race for Garfield County Commission, according to the Aspen Daily News, a sure sign of just how much money is at stake in the natural-gas fields west of Glenwood Springs.