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DNC Roundup: Corporate money, politics, protests, plots and more

As Denver sweeps up the last of the confetti, The Colorado Independent rewinds its coverage on the Democratic National Convention.

Democrats look to Rocky Mountain West for victory

Nearly a year ago, Dick Wadhams, the chairman of the Republican Party of Colorado, stood at a window inside the Denver Center for Performing Arts. He was gazing out, at the sparkling nighttime panoramic of downtown Denver. “I’m just looking out — out there at the Pepsi Center — and thinking about next August,” Wadhams said, turning up a sardonic grin, “when the Democrats nominate Hillary Clinton as their candidate for president.” Wadhams is the spinmeister once dubbed “Karl Rove 2.0” for his hardball campaign tactics. He had returned home to Colorado just months before, following the stunning Macaca moment and defeat of his candidate, then-Virginia Sen. George Allen.

Dems Ponder How the West Might Be Won

The political director for the Democratic National Committee showed up in Colorado in December. He came, said Colorado Democratic chairwoman Pat Waak, to measure...

Poll Shows a Democratic Populist Revival

Democratic victories in the 2006 Congressional elections were part of a wave of grassroots populism, according to Robert Borosage, Co-director of Campaign for America's...
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