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Calls for Salazar’s head coming from both left and right

You know you’re having a bad month or two at the office when the calls for your head are coming from both the left...

For Colorado coal industry watchers, mining safety not a top concern

Colorado’s coal industry, the ninth-most productive in the nation in 2008, is under fire from politicians and environmentalists but not, as is the case this month in West Virginia, for safety reasons.

Enviro group claims Obama making Bush look good on coal mining

Recent lease approvals and signs that the Obama administration is falling in love with the nation’s coal industry have Jeremy Nichols of New Mexico’s...

Conservation group asks EPA to yank Xcel permits for coal-fired plants

Conservationists aren't waiting for Xcel Energy to remake its coal-fired power plants along the Front Range to reduce smog ahead of an expected emissions clampdown by federal regulators.
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