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Neguse: Feds should give states more say in burn bans on...

WASHINGTON — Colorado Rep. Joe Neguse has urged the U.S. government to give states more power to ban burning on federal land in an...

Local politicians, conservationists praise Polis draft wilderness plan

Local politicians and statewide environmental groups today hailed a draft wilderness proposal being circulated by U.S. Rep. Jared Polis called the Eagle and Summit County Wilderness Preservation Act.

Vilsack appreciates ‘unique situation’ driving Colorado on roadless rule wildfire mitigation

DENVER — U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on Monday gave the strongest indication to date that the draft of Colorado's roadless rule, which allows road-building exemptions for wildfire mitigation in wilderness areas, will at least be closely considered as the Obama administration moves toward a comprehensive national rule.

Vilsack earns green brownie points on biochar, Colorado roadless rule

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has been making the rounds in Colorado the last couple of days, earning points from enviros at the North American...
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