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Toned-down Sarah Palin rallies thousands in Loveland

Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin retreated a bit from her typical attack mode at a campaign event today in Loveland, Colo. Palin spoke to a crowd of 7,120 at the Budweiser Events Center around 1:15 p.m.; it was her second event in a three-stop swing through hotly contested Colorado today. This morning she visited Colorado Springs and she is due for Grand Junction this evening.

CNN, Obama camp misled on Palin robocall statement

I received a press release last night from Barack Obama's Colorado Press Secretary Matt Chandler at 10:08 p.m. The timing didn't surprise me because working late on a Sunday is standard operating procedure as Election Day nears — but the headline caught my eye: "CNN: Sarah Palin speaks out against John McCain's robo calls." Whoa! Heavy stuff, and it certainly got me to read the rest of the release. Unfortunately, the quote from Palin doesn't at all fit the headline, and the Obama campaign should know better.

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McCain will put “country first” at debate

The Obama campaign today sent out a "memo" to reporters on "John McCain’s plan to 'whip' 'That One’s' 'you-know-what.'" They quote three separate pundits saying McCain needs a game-changer tonight, and imply he'll go after Obama's connection to "terrorist" Bill Ayers. I don't think so. I think McCain's read the same polling as everyone else, and he's chosen to go out with as much dignity intact as he can manage at this point. I expect a solid performance from McCain, but I don't expect a nasty, negative "game-changer."

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Obama tackles Ayers in radio ad, Plouffe fires back at ‘smears’

Barack Obama responds to criticism of his relationship with William Ayers in a radio ad that began airing in Colorado on Tuesday with a dig at John McCain for "resorting to desperate attacks." At the same time, McCain protested that Obama has forced him to bring up Ayers during the third debate in New York tonight, and Obama campaign manager David Plouffe released a video meant to counteract an "unprecedented sleaze factory" from the McCain campaign and anti-Obama groups.

Palin raises discredited Obama-Ayers link at Colorado fundraiser

She didn't flip any pancakes, but Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin sure threw plenty of red meat to well-heeled donors Saturday when she accused Sen. Barack Obama of "palling around with terrorists who targeted their own country" at a Centennial Airport fundraiser that was closed to the public.
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