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State’s largest electric co-op sees heated election debate on climate change,...

Mike Kempe has been an embattled figure on the board of the Intermountain Rural Electric Association the last four years. He’s arguably the only green-minded board member for a rural electric co-op famous for casting doubt on climate-change science and tenaciously resisting former Gov. Bill Ritter’s “New Energy Economy.”

IREA’s Kempe blasts co-op board resistance to election reform

One is indeed the loneliest number, especially when it comes to reforming a rural electric co-op board bent on quashing clean-energy and conservation initiatives in the name of dirtier-burning coal.

State Sen. Mike Kopp on payroll of climate-change-questioning IREA electric co-op

As lawmakers once again try to put the heat on the state’s largest rural electric co-op this legislative session, at least one state senator...

Reformers turn to elections to clean up co-op energy

Efforts to reform the recalcitrant Intermountain Rural Electric Association, the state’s largest energy cooperative, will be more subtle this legislative session. Instead of seeking, for example, to mandate energy efficiency, a Boulder lawmaker and new energy advocates are looking to change the way co-op board members are elected.