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Southwestern willow flycatcher: A feather in the cap of wildlife litigators

A proposal made this month to increase critical habitat for the endangered Southwestern willow flycatcher represents a shift in philosophy at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which instead of merely trying to maintain populations of endangered species is now aiming to boost them.

Wildlife group: Cull elk at national park with wolves, not sharpshooters

An environmental group called on the Department of the Interior to cease fire on a plan to use volunteer sharpshooters to reduce elk herds in Rocky Mountain National Park, instead urging officials to release wolves into the park "as part of the long-term solution to the elk over-browsing problem."

Science Sunday: Iapetus’ Mountains, Wolves v. Coyotes, Prostate Relief

Distant mountains Himalayas of Iapetus The Cassini mission to Saturn has come within a thousand miles of the surface of the planet's third largest moon, Iapetus,...

Science Sunday: Autism, Alfv

Location, location, location Wolf near Blacktail Pond, Yellowstone National Park; Jim Peaco, National Park Service A main indicator of hunting success for Yellowstone National Park's wolves is...

Science Sunday: San Juan Glaciers, Marijuana Psychos, Wolves

Going, Going, Gone Glacier Colorado scientists weren't pulling their weight this week. We could only find one paper from local researchers. Fortunately it's an interesting...