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Abortion clinic regulations rejected in Colorado

"I don't understand the point of the ultrasound requirement other than to somehow guilt a woman into changing her mind."

Udall tries to hold on to Senate seat in tight fight...

Efforts in the past two weeks in the dead-heat U.S. Senate race have focused on getting voters to mail in ballots and now to drop them directly at polling centers. It's all about turn out now.

Udall campaign marks sixth month since Gardner’s stand on personhood went...

  U.S. Sen. Mark Udall's re-election campaign is celebrating the six-month mark of Republican challenger Congressman Cory Gardner's wobbly stance on the anti-abortion personhood movement. A...

Littwin: Straight face? You try it.

  If every picture of Cory Gardner shows him flashing a big smile, there's a reason. And it's not just because he's a friendly, likable...

CO Senate personhood debate pivots to over-the-counter birth control

Republican Congressman Cory Gardner is out with a new ad today highlighting his support for over the counter birth control, specifically "the pill."

Udall talks Not My Boss’s Business Act

DENVER — Senator Mark Udall joined women's health advocates today to discuss his newest bill, which would effectively overturn the U.S. Supreme Court's recent...

Rep. DeGette, ProgressNow join fast-spinning newscycle on Gardner and women’s health

In the digital era, fast-turning messaging cycles like this one are typical, which at this point doesn't seem like a good thing for Gardner. His mixed messages on personhood and contraception are likely to keep spinning like brightly colored pinwheels above his campaign until Election Day.

Littwin: Just answer the question, Mr. Gardner

Cory Gardner's proclaimed movement on 'personhood' is not evolution. What he's doing is much closer to creationism.

Women’s Law Center: Record number of women in extreme poverty in...

According to analysis by the National Women’s Law Center of the 2010 Census information, “record numbers of women were living in poverty — and extreme poverty” in 2010.

Report says well-being of mothers, children in U.S. is now below...

According to a new international report, the United States is falling behind most of the developed world in the well-being of mothers and children. The U.S. was ranked 31 out 164.
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