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Corsi v Obama: Birther industry meets election industry 2011

Righty activist author Jerome Corsi's latest anti-Obama book, "Where's the Birth Certificate?" is climbing the ranks at Amazon. It's now reportedly number 22 with a bullet. The Obama reelection campaign is using news of the book release to fundraise. WorldNetDaily, internet birther headquarters and also publisher of Corsi's book, is using the Obama fundraising campaign to promote the book. The back and forth is sad and entertaining and will generate a lot of revenue on both sides. U-S-A!

Tea Party conference will be covered only by sympathetic media

And now we throw the floor open for softball questions! Dave Weigel again at the Washington Independent reports that the organizers of the National Tea...

Sen. Schultheis: Immigration reform is ‘anti-American’

The GOP is doing its best to address the concerns of the state's growing Latino population. Or not at all. State Senator Dave Schultheis,...

Far-right website gains influence in Obama era

On April 12, the conservative Website WorldNetDaily published an expose on newly appointed White House “green czar” Van Jones that labeled the environmental activists “an admitted radical communist and black nationalist leader.” The story was based on reputable sources, but the WorldNetDaily author gave it a typically sinister spin.
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