GREENE: What, in all its secrecy, is Colorado’s justice system hiding?

Colorado’s judicial branch has spent a year stonewalling The Independent’s quest for court records, and I’m proud that we have stepped up our fight. As...

Agricultural interests steer Colorado’s wildlife management

These days, any search for bighorn sheep in southwestern Colorado is an exercise in desperation. Bighorn hunters and advocates must train their eyes on...

"History tells us, all too painfully, that newsrooms don't stop publishing when tyranny encroaches. They just stop asking questions."

Susan Greene, editor


Denver Meadows residents take action at Aurora City Council

On Aug. 6, about 60 residents of the Denver Meadows Mobile Home park in Aurora appeared before City Council to ask for help either...

A “dog fight” in the race for Colorado attorney general

Joe Salazar, a Democratic candidate for state attorney general, arrives at his campaign event at Big Trouble in the RiNo neighborhood of Denver. ...