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When the coronavirus pandemic hit, a coalition of Colorado journalists already had been talking about how to better serve the public by collaborating and sharing stories. The urgency of the situation accelerated the work. More than 40 Colorado news organizations — newspapers, TV, radio and digital outlets — are now sharing their reporting through the Colorado News Collaborative, COLab for short. And on April 16, 22 outlets joined together to report on the impact of the pandemic on Coloradans. The result: COVID Diaries Colorado, stories of grit, ingenuity and hope.

Denver resident and DACA recipient Marissa Molina works from home on a day that included phone calls on how to get COVID-19 information out to immigrants and refugees and how to help Metropolitan State University immigrant students who are now struggling. (Photo by Brad Goodall)

COVID Diaries Colorado: For DACA recipient, pandemic brings uncertainty on top of uncertainty

Marissa Molina awakened at 7:42 a.m. on the 41st day sequestered at home as she does many mornings now — panicked. It is the...
Nurse Practitioner Lisa Robbiano, left, talks to Fabiola Grajales, 27, while checking her lungs and heart rate in Robbiano’s car next to the MIRA COVID-19 testing bus in El Jebel on Thursday, April 16, 2020. This was Grajales’s fourth COVID-19 test. She was confirmed positive during the three prior tests and was positive for pneumonia. She first got sick on March 2nd with flu-like symptoms and had been on three different antibiotics since. “I can’t imagine how it is for people who don’t have insurance, who don’t speak the language, and who don’t have any knowledge of how the medical system works,” said Grajales about her experience with COVID-19 testing.

COVID Diaries Colorado: A Day in the Pandemic On April 16, journalists from across...

A teacher greets her students. An imam counsels his congregants. A firefighter reports for duty. New parents take their baby home from the hospital. These...

Guest Post: Local news collaboration in the time of COVID-19

The image is familiar, even mundane, to most of us now: a dozen or more faces peer out against various backgrounds – some real,...
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