“Compassionate” Conservatism

State Democrats have tabled many Republican proposals during the Special Session.  Here’s a look at two of the more extreme measures floated:

Senate Joint Memorial 1
This proposal would have urged the US Congress to deny citizenship to children born in the USA if their parents are not in the country legally by altering the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution.  It was sponsored by GOP Sen Ron Teck and GOP Rep Al White.  “The racism behind this is repugnant to me,” said Dem Sen. Peter Groff in the Rocky

House Bill 1008
Brought to the House by Republicans Cadman, Harvey, Lundberg, and Schultheis, this bill would have made it a state-level crime for undocumented immigrants to be in Colorado, with punishments ranging from $500 for the first offense, to a class 4 felony if caught a third time.  This bill was tabled on a straight party-line vote