Illegals in Wonderland

“This is a public sidewalk! And I want to know under what authority you guys are closing it! What authority?!?!”

The speaker is 60ish and hippiesh, doing his level best to provoke a confrontation with Deputy Fleet of Douglas County. But the deputy isn’t biting; he stands on the other side of the police tape with his arms folded, his back to University Boulevard, answering patiently: “We’re just here to help out, just here to keep the peace.”The deputy’s a good guy, fulfilling his duties with a liberal (no pun) dose of disengagement. It’s a crappy assignment: Head into another jurisdiction (Denver) and interpose himself between anti-Bush demonstrators and the object of their protest; provide another layer of insulation between the people and the man who serves them.

As if another layer is needed. The President


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