Sun Shines On Democrats

Tomorrow will be a sunny day in Colorado, with unseasonably warm temperatures in the low 70s in Colorado’s population centers. 

This is good news for Democrats.  Good weather usually means high voter turnout, and high voter turnout usually favors Democrats.  Feel free to insert you own favorite cliche at this point: “It’s a perfect storm for Democrats,” the “winds of change are blowing,” etc.There will be wet weather in Republican strongholds South of the Mason Dixon line, in Kentucky, in downstate Illinois, and in Idaho.

The mix of good weather in Chicago, and bad weather in Peoria, will help Democrats in statewide races in Illinois.  Anticipated good weather in Virginia and Missouri may help Democrats is tight U.S. Senate races in those states. 

But, miserable weather in the offing in Tennessee will make it even harder for Ford, the Democrat, who has been trailing in the latest U.S. Senate race polls, to surpass Corker, the Republican.

Weather will also be bad in Washington State, where it doesn’t matter politically because all but five counties in the state, and about 61% of all voters, choose to vote by mail.  Oregon, which will also have stormy weather on Tuesday, also makes widespread use of voting by mail.