50,000 Watts of Hate: Rant of the Day

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I submit that no matter how many years one may attend school, no matter how prestigious the institution, nor the degree conferred, that idiotic ideological blinders can still rule the day.

In this installment of the most profane, intellectually-stunted, and ludicrous statement made on Colorado talk radio today, I bring you Exhibit A – Dan Caplis, co-host of 630 KHOW-AM’s The Caplis & Silverman Show.Caplis came completely unhinged during the November 29 broadcast when referring to an open letter to the American public penned by Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:

Craig, I have to tell you, my take on this letter is that what this guy’s saying is, “Hey, if you want peace, you have to abandon Israel.” I think he’s making that real clear in the letter. Because you’ll read headlines about Iraq this, Iraq that. Hey, you actually sit down and read this puppy, what you’re gonna see is, it is about Israel. It is about, give up your support of Israel if you want us to stop killing you. That’s, that’s what this is about. And then the second part of it is a loud-and-clear message to the Democrats: “Hey, we gave you this election, so you better come through for us or we’re gonna make you pay; you lose the next one.” And that’s one thing that really strikes me when you read this. It doesn’t surprise me, ’cause I’ve been saying for a long time, these guys are trying to influence our elections through what they’re doing, including stepping up the killing in Iraq. And I think this just confirms it. I mean, you know, Howard Dean could have written much of this letter. And just the direct reference to our elections, and, and — and the jargon that you’ve heard coming out of Dean. But, but the point blank — and even CNN has referenced it — you know, the point-blank warning to the Democrats: “Hey, if you don’t step up and do the right thing with this power now, we’re taking you down next.” I mean, this — crystal clear what this guy is doing.

So, let’s apply our best Perry Mason-esque powers of deductive reasoning.

CNN posts on its website the Iranian president’s rambling letter connecting the suffering of Palestinian, Iraqi and American mothers who are losing their children through conflict.

Caplis states that Ahmadinejad went “over the head of President Bush” by releasing his letter to the public. Side note: I was unaware that in addition to being a decider, that the president is also an arbitor of public information.

However, Caplis makes an inexpilicable and unsupported leap of logic in determining that Iran somehow meddled in the electoral process by assuring a Democratic victory on November 7. Funny me. I thought the GOP losses had more to do with abjectly failed domestic policies, a criminally inept response to Hurricane Katrina, and a full frontal wiretapped assault on Americans’ fiercely held beliefs in fairness and privacy.

And while he’s on his logic bender, Caplis asserts that DNC Chair Howard Dean could have ghost written Ahmadinejad’s anti-Israeli rant letter.

Yep, that would be the same Gov. Dean who attended Yeshiva University’s Albert Einstein School of Medicine and is married to Dr. Judy Steinberg, who is Jewish.

Caplis, you’re out of order.

h/t Colorado Media Matters.