DeGette Brings Home Some Bacon – $14 Million For S. Platte

Rep. Diana DeGette announced today that $14 million dollars for projects along the South Platte River in Denver has been included in the Water Resources Development Act, which pass the House of Representatives convincingly.

DeGette is now a Chief Deputy Whip for the majority party, giving her greater influence in securing such funding than Denver has had since Republicans took control of Congress in 1994.

See what she had to say about the funds after the jump…“The South Platte River has become a jewel through a renewed downtown Denver,” DeGette said, further commenting, “These funds will further improve the recreation and environmental restoration of this tremendous community asset.”

According to DeGette’s office, Denver will pony up $7 million for projects to improve the South Platte River in Denver, which serves as a popular route for biking, hiking, and running, as well as kayaking where it meets the Cherry Creek dowtown at Confluence Park.

DeGette was also able to add a provision that allows increased water storage at Chatfield Reservoir for flood control, municipal use, and environmental restoration purposes.

On that success, she commented: “Additional water at the Chatfield Reservoir will increase the flow along the South Platte, improving the fishery habitat, riparian wildlife, and allow for environmental restoration of this important river. It has the added benefit of additional water for agricultural and municipal needs downstream.”