Mitt’s Money: A Bit Here, More From Next Door

Coloradan Republicans have a clear favorite for president if first quarter donations are an indication – and it isn’t Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney raised more money in this state than all the eight other Republican candidates combined. At $331,975, Romney’s fundraising success was more than three times better than Rudy Giuliani, who collected $102,101 from Colorado donors. Sen. John McCain raised $76,865 and Tancredo limped in at $56,975.An equally impressive notation of Romney’s popularity is his donor file — it reads like a Republican “Who’s Who list.” Former gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez was one of the largest contributors at the primary maximum of $4,600. Others include CU President Hank Brown; businessmen Bruce Benson, Dick Monfort and Phil Anschutz; former House Speaker Chuck Berry and his wife, lobbyist Maria Garcia Berry; and businesswomen Katy Atkinson, Kathie Finger and Ellen Falcone. Former Gov. Bill Owens is on the list as a whopping $250 supporter.

Colorado doesn’t come close in comparison to the donations raised from Utah for Romney, who is a member of the Church of Latter-Day Saints. President Bush’s campaign scored $536,368 from Utahns for the whole 2004 presidential, race, but Romney received $2,377,290 in the first quarter alone, with nearly half of that coming from the Salt Lake City area. That is more money than if every man, woman and child living in Utah (pop. 2,233,169) gave Romney a dollar bill.

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