Anti-Gay Protesters Don’t Mar Mood of Parade

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketAmid the elaborate floats, rainbow flags and marchers parading down Colfax Ave. Sunday,  about a dozen anti-gay protesters held signs saying things such as, “Repent, God will not be mocked.” But, the scores of revelers busy dancing and tossing candy hardly noticed the group standing along the parade route. The group is not affiliated with any organization or church, said a young woman holding a sign proclaiming, “Friends don’t let friends be homos.”

“We are just a group of like-minded people,” she said.

Some parade-goers verbally confronted the protesters, some of whom were shouting things such as, “You’re all going to hell.” But, there were no physical altercations, and several police officers watched the scene from the steps of a nearby church. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketSeveral local church groups marched in the Pride Parade and drew cheers from onlookers as they passed the protesters. One man in the parade carried a sign reading, “My God is a loving God. He made no mistakes. He made me.”