BoCo Buzz: Ch-ch-ch-changes Continue

We’d pattern this post after Abbott & Costello’s “Who’s on First,” but: A) it may be more confusing than that and B) you young `uns probably never heard of them.

So, first, to the Boulder City Council where conventional wisdom – and endorsements – prevailed in Tuesday’s special election. Ken Wilson, a scientist, University Hill agitator and the chosen one of the Sierra Club, Boulder Outdoor Coalition, et al, won with 3,501 votes. Of course, only 10,000-some of the 45,000-plus ballots mailed were returned.

More after the jump…This special election to replace the late Tom Eldridge, who died of cancer in May, only sets up what is likely to be a wacky race in November. Many of the 14 candidates in this month’s contest admitted they were priming the pump for the real contest, when seven of nine council seats will be up.

Councilmember Andy Schultheiss plans to resign his seat on the council two years early, citing family concerns. His role in the 2nd CD campaign of Jared Polis probably has something to do with this, too. (The rambling, indecisive, late-night council meetings? Never!)

Ryan Morgan of the Daily Camera offers a good roundup of the fall race here.

Then it’s on to the county, where former assessor Cindy Domenico took office as a county commissioner Monday and her assessor successor, Jerry Roberts, was named Thursday. Roberts has worked in the Assessor’s Office since 1980. That bit of musical chairs came about after the death of Commissioner Tom Mayer, also of cancer.

And it’s not too early to get your run on for 2008 if you’re Stan Garnett looking at the Boulder County District Attorney’s job. Garnett, a former Boulder Valley School Board president and shareholder at Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber, Schreck, announced late last week. And Garnett has his ducks in a row, with endorsements from incumbent prosecutor Mary Lacy and former state Supreme Court justice Jean Dubofsky

With endorsements like that, Garnett likely will still have time for his other 2008 role: treasurer of Will Shafroth’s 2nd CD campaign.

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