Moving mountains, making waves and keeping ’em honest

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The national Association of Capitol Reporters and Editors (ACRE) recognized Colorado Confidential with two awards for excellence in statehouse news reporting during 2006, its first year in operation.

Leslie Robinson won a first place prize for commentary in the online news division. Robinson was cited for her feature series on a Canadian-born elderly woman’s experience navigating the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service and a first-hand account of the oil-shale bust on the Western Slope.

A collaborative effort led by Jason Bane and Cara DeGette, Nancy Watzman, and Wendy Norris won a third place nod for single story, online news division. Trailhead to Nowhere was a breaking investigative story on a series of curious financial transactions between Colorado-based 527 political committees. The story was widely cited in the media and spurred greater scrutiny of political fundraising and campaign finance violations during the 2006 election cycle.

Also for work in 2006, Colorado Confidential also won seven awards, including sweeping one category, from the Colorado Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists:

1st Place Online Breaking News — Jason Bane, Cara DeGette, Nancy Watzman, Wendy Norris and staff, Trailhead to Nowhere

2nd Place Online Breaking News — Staff, Primary Election Coverage, Multiple stories

3rd Place Online Breaking News — Wendy Norris, GOP State Legislator Takes Legally Questionable Gift from Oil and Gas Group

1st Place Blog — Jason Bane, Political Gravy

3rd Place Online Photo Story — Leslie Robinson, Hush, Hush and on the QT: Part II

1st Place General Web Site Excellence —

2nd Place Online Interactive —