Celebrations of gay love to accompany political conventions

Artist Sharon Hayes plans to stage large-scale public performances celebrating same-gender love and mocking the political controversies it invokes near the sites of this year’s Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention, according to CreativeTime.org, a New York-based nonprofit that specializes in funding public art.


Hayes will recruit between 75 and 100 volunteers in each city to read texts as a chorus for at least two hours on the relationship between political desire and romantic desire near the site of each convention.


Creative Time has yet to announce exactly where and when the readings will take place other than to say they’ll be staged during the convention.

Hayes plans to kick off this demonstration “against the tendency of groups to polarize feelings about homosexuality for political gain” in Denver with “Revolutionary Love 1: I Am Your Worst Fear, I Am Your Best Fantasy,” and follow it up in MinneapolisSt. Paul with “Revolutionary Love 2: I Am Your Best Fantasy.”

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