Are Republicans lost in the woods?

Have Republicans lost their way? Some say yes.

According to published accounts, some believe the staunch conservative base that has made Washington, D.C., home since the 1960s and that has been in control since the 1980s, is lost in the woods and will not make a comeback until at least 2010, after two years of a President Barack Obama regime.

Conservative Fox News talk show host Sean Hannity believes Republicans are misguided and has started a Web site called “What Would Ronald Reagan Do” with fellow conservative talking head Laura Ingraham to say as much.

Worldly news magazines such as The Economist are writing about it and it is no secret conservative kings like Rush Limbaugh and Hannity aren’t happy with the party’s presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain. 

Will 2010 be the rebuilding year for Republicans?

We’re not counting McCain out just yet, even if some in his party might be.