Religious PAC airs pro-Obama ads on Christian radio in Colorado

A liberal Christian political action committee is set to air radio ads backing Barack Obama on Christian radio stations in Colorado and six other battleground states, according to the Christian Broadcasting Network’s Brody File. One of the ads produced by Matthew 25 Network features Obama discussing his Christian faith as his “source of hope,” and another features a “pro-life, pro-Obama” argument from a Christian legal scholar.

The ads hit the airwaves on the heels of a Barna Group poll cited by CBN that shows a dead heat between Obama and John McCain among “born again” voters, which constitute as many as half of the electorate. George Bush carried the group with 62 percent support in 2004, CBN notes. The survey differentiates between evangelical and nonevangelical born-again Christians. It finds McCain leading 63 percent to 23 percent among evangelicals — 9 percent of voters — while Obama leads 48 percent to 41 percent among nonevangelical Christians who describe themselves as “born again.”

The Matthew 24 Network radio ads are airing in Colorado, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Indiana, Virginia and North Carolina — all states carried by George Bush in 2004, except for Michigan.

Here’s the “Source of Hope” one-minute ad:

In a second radio ad, constitutional law scholar and former counsel to Republican presidents Douglas Kmiec lays out the case for Catholic abortion foes’ support for Obama. Kmiec points listeners to the ProLife ProObama Web site to bolster his assertions.

Last week, Focus on the Family founder Dr. James Dobson aired an interview with Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin on Christian radio stations. Discussing her pregnancy with her son, Trig, born in April with Down Syndrome, Palin underlined her support for the Republican Party’s “pro-life, pro-family” anti-abortion platform. “I’ve always had near and dear to my heart the mission of protecting the sanctity of life and being pro-life, a hardcore pro-lifer,” Palin told Dobson.

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