Mike May misses chance for a Douglas Bruce-free final term

Doubtless Mike May would have appreciated serving out his final term as Colorado House Minority Leader free of the travails of Douglas Bruce. Alas, that was not meant to be.

Shortly after Bruce was appointed to serve an open seat in the Legislature, May was cheerful about the prospect, telling the Colorado Independent that, if House Democrats were willing to embrace former Republican Rep. Debbie Stafford, surely Republicans could find a place for Bruce under the big GOP tent. (The month before, Stafford had switched parties, claiming she was the victim of harassment by the GOP, among other issues.)

But then Bruce walked into the Capitol, and immediately out of the gate — before he was even sworn into office — kicked a photographer from the Rocky Mountain News. He became the first member of the body to ever be censured by his colleagues, and later annoyed even the unflappable May when he voted against a resolution honoring veterans. He called Mexican immigrants illiterate peasants. Even former supporters said of Bruce, “We were wrong.”

In August Bruce lost a Republican primary challenge from Mark Waller, and won’t be returning — at least next month — to the Capitol. But on Friday, May, a Republican from Parker, announced that he won’t be there either. The economy, he says, is forcing him to focus more than ever on his hotel business.

No word yet on his replacement.

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