Congressional GOP aims to get along with Obama to boost political lot

Has the U.S. House of Representatives Republican leadership unveiled an important lesson for their Colorado counterparts to mend some local political fences? Dick Wadhams, is it time to take Gov. Bill Ritter out for coffee and a truce?

Dave Weigel’s piece at The Washington Independent explores how the House Republicans are cozying up to President Barack Obama to improve their own political fortunes

House Republicans are in unfamiliar and politically unpromising territory. Unlike their counterparts in the Senate, they have very few methods of slowing down or stopping legislation they don’t like. Their influence was reduced two weeks ago by a rule change that effectively prevents members of the minority party from forcing votes on controversial amendments, one of the few cudgels the party had in the House.

In response, Republicans are attempting to link themselves to the popular Obama administration while criticizing the work of the Democratic Congress. The goal is to oppose Democratic policy without being seen as opposing or obstructing the president, a posture that, they hope, will put them in better position to win back voters if the Democrats’ popularity falters.

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