State lawmakers gripe they’re the Rodney Dangerfields of the Capitol

Budget-beleaguered state legislators are getting understandably grouchy considering the bleak times.

But a memo issued today by Democratic House Speaker Terrance Carroll insisting that “‘all lobbyists, governor’s staff, executive staff, visitors, Capitol staff and press’ show some respect by use [sic] representatives’ proper titles” isn’t exactly garnering the public’s respect.

An AP story published at the Denver Post on the newly required lawmaker protocol offers these snappy retorts from House Republicans:

Republican Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg of Sterling joked that he’s going to take the memo home to his wife.

Republican Cory Gardner of Yuma asked, with a laugh, “Does this mean the governor has to stop calling me jerk?”

Note the lack of title for Rep. Gardner in the story. It might take a while for the capitol press corps to shake its bad first-name habit.

Post readers, on the other hand, have clearly not read Letitia Baldridge’s New Complete Guide to Executive Manners and are, ahem, not respecting the speaker’s request. Writes Ituku in the comments:

If they want R-E-S-P-E-C-T, they should find out what it means to me.

And then take care of business (TCB).

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