CU Boulder students plan to kiss by UMC fountain to promote LGBT PDA

Anyone standing near the University of Colorado’s Dalton Trumbo Fountain in Boulder just before noon Friday had better pucker up. Students are planning a “flash mob event with a twist” — same-sex couples and their allies will lock lips for two minutes and then disperse, to express “frustration that same-sex public displays of affection are often treated with less tolerance than their heterosexual counterparts,” according to the event’s Facebook page.

We’re trying to remove the stigma that surrounds same-sex affection in public and, more importantly, the misconception that if you are queer and you are expressing affection in public that you are rubbing it in people’s faces,” junior Spencer Watson, an officer with the CU student group Queer Initiative, told the Colorado Daily.

Leaving aside the question whether it’s truly a flash mob if it’s announced ahead of time in a newspaper, “Make Out Stake Out” organizers are urging participants to gather in the University Memorial Center (UMC) atrium and the Chemistry Building across from the UMC, with paired kissers waiting across from each other. Then:

At precisely 11:53, everyone will walk out into the fountain area at the same time, meeting in the middle. Each person will find their partner in the other crowd and proceed to kiss for two minutes. Immediately two minutes after, each person will INDIVIDUALLY walk in a different direction as though nothing happened.

Organizers encourage male kissers to attend because the “media have almost completely undermined ‘girl-on-girl’ affection, thus seeing two women kiss is definitely not even half as powerful as the image of two men kissing.” One more note: Consensual kissing only. “It is NOT okay to grab some poor random passerby and start making out with them.” So find a partner, pop a breath mint and smooch a blow for tolerance.