Meanwhile in New York: Musgrave’s Susan B Anthony List campaign

Social-conservative Marilyn Musgrave, who was ousted by fed-up moderate conservative Fourth District Colorado voters last year, is campaigning for third party New York Congressional candidate Doug Hoffman this week. She is there representing the Susan B Anthony List, the pro-life political activist organization at which she is now director of a program that targets vulnerable pro-abortion rights members of Congress.

The Susan B Anthony campaign for Hoffman is not subtle. We have photos, care of the Washington Independent’s David Weigel, who is on the ground reporting from this week’s frontline in the battle for heart of the Republican Party.

The front of a Susan B Anthony List handout:

Picture 6

The back of the same handout:

Picture 4

Below, the sample ballot paid for by the SBA List and the National Organization for Marriage. Emily Buchanan of SBA List told Weigel that 90,000 of these samples would be distributed today.

susan b anthony poster

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