Got a ludicrous political idea to push? Invoke the name ‘Scott Brown’

It was a remarkable win, little-known Massachusetts Republican state legislator Scott Brown taking Teddy Kennedy’s U.S. Senate seat. But does it really now have to be invoked for every mad losing cause in politics? Today’s Brown-referencing cause? A motion made by South Carolina Representative Mike Pitt to replace U.S. currency with gold and silver coins. It might be crazy unworkable and just plain stupid and doomed to fail but, hey, as people promoting the plan to media outlets this morning put it, Scott Brown’s U.S. Senate victory was once seen as doubtful too!

From Special Guests, a PR firm looking to place its clients on radio and television talk shows:

scott brown

Something that would’ve been laughed off as absolutely crazy just a few years ago has now moved to just this side of outrageous and landed somewhere in the area of doubtful consideration.

We’re talking about a motion within the South Carolina State House of Representatives where Congressman Mike Pitts has introduced legislation that would mandate the replacement of federal currency with tangible gold and silver coins as the only legal tender.

It’s on the table, but indeed doubtful for passage according to many legal and economic experts for several reasons. It’s legally suspect from a Constitutional standpoint and economically from the standpoint of using actual precious metals as currency.

But, then again, Scott Brown’s U.S. Senate race victory in Massachusetts—likewise the product of public disenchantment with big-government spending—was seen as doubtful too.

Has Rep. Kent Lambert, R-Colorado Springs, got word yet of this brilliant idea? He seems amenable.

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