Air war slap and tickle: While DSCC slams Buck, Bennet kids woo voters

Recent polls have rated the Colorado U.S. Senate a toss up but this week has proved brutal for GOP candidate Ken Buck, who is weathering blowback from local and national media outlets for a series of controversial statements tying him to hard-right views on women, homosexuality and climate change. The race between Buck and Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet will be decided partly on how independent and moderate viewers cast their votes and partly on voter turnout.

A pair of new ads in support of Bennet work both avenues.

A new Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee ad attempts to persuade moderates that a vote for Ken Buck is a vote for the backward-looking extreme right. A new ad from Bennet features his three blond-haired daughters working to get voters out to the polls.


The Bennet campaign:

Buck meanwhile seems to be licking his wounds. After a Meet the Press disaster Sunday in which he likened homosexuality to alcoholism, he appeared Wednesday among Tea Party voters in Loveland and embraced Oklahoma’s virulently anti-gay climate-change denying senator James Inhofe. Friday morning, he canceled a scheduled appearance with Bennet on 9News.

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