Wiretap: Shutdown limbo

We’re sticking with shutdown news as the House GOP sticks with the shutdown — unless we blink, because we don’t want to watch it. Because who can watch it? But we have to watch it. Because we can’t look away! We’ll toss in some Obamacare too.

Veteran Washington reporter Ron Fournier thinks this could be the end for Washington as we know it. Yeah, it’s just that bad. Via the National Journal.

Fort Collins company Riverside Technology Inc. last month won a $30 million federal contract to provide network-communications tech support for research science and engineering labs. Start up activity on the work is now in limbo.

The saddest paragraph you’ll read today about the government shutdown. Via the Atlantic.

Jimmy Kimmel asks people which they prefer — Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act. You can cue the laugh track any time now.

On CNN roundtable, New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza explains that Speaker John Boehner needs some concession — any concession — on Obamacare or he loses his job.

This is how Washington journalism works. Or doesn’t. We apologize in advance. Via Erik Wemple.

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