News gift: A brief holiday words-and-songs roundup

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here’s a lot of good reading material kicking around that internet. In the spirit of curling up and diving into a well-made thing while listening to something new, we put together a few read-listen parings for your holiday season. Enjoy!

The Atlantic- Saving ConversationFeeling lonely this holiday season? It’s worth spending a few minutes with Megan Garber’s recent piece on conversation in the screen age.


The Hairpin – Stoner’s Laundry: This beautiful little essay explores a Laundromat and a community in Colorado Springs.


The New York Times- Invisible Child: Meet Disani, and re-meet New York City.


The Guardian- Improving life in Bogota: Denver’s hardly the only altitude capital with smog and traffic problems. Read about Bogota’s move to encourage bicycling both as environmental and social policy.


The New Yorker- Hell Hole: Not our most festive selection, but this definitive piece gives potent context for The Independent’s focus on prison reform, particularly when it comes to solitary confinement.

[ Image via Covs97 ]