Keefe on Lamborn leadership

The Colorado Independent cartoonist’s take on 5th District Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn, who this month revealed his own special plan on how to set military policy for the nation.


  1. Lamborn (and anyone who votes for him) is a fool. Clearly this is nothing but a 100% pure partisan who doesn’t place the well being of the COUNTRY ahead of his republican party. He lacks the intellectual capacity to do the job properly. He NEEDS to be retired for the good of this state. As do ALL republicans.

    Could someone PLEASE tell me WHY they vote for republicans? I just don’t get it. Their actions betray a disdain for the average American that can’t be explained with anything but mental illness. They think they are entitled to do whatever they want, they are on a mission from God or someone. They almost seem to LIKE doing damage to society and anyone weaker than they are. Can you say SOCIOPATH?

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