Wiretap: Snowden wants an open trial, Ellsberg style

Snowden to New Yorker’s Jane Mayer: “I have told the government again and again in negotiations that if they’re prepared to offer an open trial, a fair trial, in the same way that Daniel Ellsberg got, and I’m allowed to make my case to the jury, I would love to do so. But they’ve declined.”

Steve Coll at the New Yorker on how Edward Snowden has changed journalism by underlining the need for journalists to protect themselves and sources from the government snoop industry.

A refresher via Frontline. If you missed it, here’s the place to start on why Snowden matters and what it’s all about. A two-part documentary on terrorism, liberty, privacy and the digital age in America and beyond.

Christophe de Margerie was the French CEO of oil giant Total. He died Monday night when his private jet hit a snowplow driven by a drunk on a Moscow runway. De Margerie wasn’t a climate-science denier. He didn’t stoop to that kind of American indignity. He just didn’t care. “Carbon is not the enemy,” he said at a climate change conference in 2009. “Carbon is life.” via The Washington Post.

Gawker: “New York Mayor Bill De Blasio says JPMorgan Chase’s request for $1 billion in public subsidies for its new Manhattan headquarters is ‘a nonstarter.’ He said nothing about arresting Jamie Dimon for having the temerity to even ask.”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has always known she’s the hardcore killer on the high court bench. Now she’s got a trove of t-shirts to advertise the fact. Time.

A video dispatch via Vox from the scientology war in which former adherent-turned-critic Marty Rathbun is “ambushed” by church officials .