Team Udall launches ‘Trick or Deceit’ online Gardner game for Halloween

At least it’s not a TV or radio ad, which would be really scary, given that Colorado is enduring a record plague of political ads this year. This is less scary because it’s a website and because it’s kind of funny.

“Ghosts and Goblins, Spooks galore … Tricky politicians at your door,” reads the header of a new interactive site “Trick or Deceit,” launched by the campaign for U.S. Senator Mark Udall.

A Gardner-zombie walks across the site trick-or-treating at the doors of buildings with names like the “Personhood Inn.” Press a button and videos appear of Gardner being questioned about his conflicted support of personhood above a banner that reads, “The Truth: Congressman Gardner has built a career crusading for personhood which would outlaw abortion and ban common forms of birth control.”

“No matter now you dress it up, Congressman Gardner’s record is downright scary,” said Udall spokesperson Chris Harris.

Clicking on either the video material or the banner prompts users to share the content on Facebook or Twitter.

“The site’s probably fun for everybody but it’s definitely aimed at younger voters who may not have been paying attention [to the campaign] over the summer,” said Harris.

The “Personhood Inn” is, as in the Udall campaign, the proverbial first stop on the block. But the site also aims to draw a line of connection between Gardner’s hardline anti-abortion record and other policy areas, which are represented by residences with names like “[Government] Shut Down Clown Town” and the “Climate Never Changes B&B.”

“We’re just trying present Gardner’s extreme agenda in a more fun way,” said Harris.