Statetap: TSA groping scandal: Is manhandling the norm?

Business as usual

Two DIA employees set up a scheme to grope passengers during security screenings. But TSA screenings have become so invasive that several passengers who had been groped had no idea anything unusual was happening, writes Conor Friedersdorf of The Atlantic

Cabin fever

Organizers of the rightwing Western Conservative Summit blocked the gay GOP organization the Log Cabin Republicans from tabling at the event because summit sponsor Colorado Christian University opposes gay marriage. Via The Denver Post.

New deal

The Colorado Board of Health has pushed through a new slate of immunization policies. Now parents who want to exempt their kids from shots have to let schools know not just once but throughout their children’s education.

No comment

The attack on Longmont woman Michelle Wilkins and the killing of her fetus has inspired a fetal homicide bill in the Statehouse. But reproductive rights organizers worry that the bill will be used to criminalize abortion. Wilkins thoughts on the proposed law: No stance.  Via The Daily Camera.

Phoenix Rises

Last year the founder of the anti-gang nonprofit Prodigal Son Terrance Roberts shot a young man he had mentored. Robert says it was self-defense, but he was charged with attempted murder. While his freedom is on the line, he is thinking about more than his future: Can Prodigal Son rise from the ashes? Via Westword.

 Lost in the stacks

Have you ever wished you could live at the library? You may have a chance, reports The New York Times. Two former Tattered Cover employees are building a 32,000 volume library where everybody from artists to hikers have a place to come and study the West.


Photo Credit: Sam Ley, Creative Commons, Flickr.

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