Homebrew: Pueblo officials slam Colorado Springs for federal flood-bailout request

Cherry Creek floods

Welfare city

Colorado Springs tends to vote against big-government solutions. But as the water rises from the floods and a poorly maintained stormwater system, the city has asked the feds for a bailout. Pueblo officials are irked. Flooding in the Springs has impacted Pueblo too. “Don’t you think it’s disingenuous that we have the same problems downstream and Colorado Springs is not willing to pay for it?” said Jay Winner, of the Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District to The Pueblo Chieftain.

Big winner

Speaking of the Springs, former Attorney General John Suthers won the dragged-out, run-off election for mayor against Mary Lou Makepeace, reports The Gazette. He pledges to “get things moving again.”

Dogging on

Today, we reported that Lakeside Amusement Park cops busted a group of disabled people with service dogs, probably violating the American Disabilities Act. Now, an Aspen condominium association received a federal complaint for refusing to make accomodations for a tenant with a service dog, reports The Aspen Times. 

Ticking clock

Will Congress find money for the Aurora Veterans Hospital before going on break? Probably not, said House Speaker John Boehner, who expressed his fury with the Department of Veterans Affairs for mismanaging the project. Congressman Mike Coffman is begging for the speaker to offer a counter-proposal, but his chance of getting one is pretty slim. Via The Denver Post.

Wise guy

Charles Abott, who went to court to address a protection-order violation, may have the most unusual attorney in the history of law: a stuffed owl named Solomon. Via The Aspen Times

Gun won

If you want to win a Senate seat in Colorado, you’d better love guns. The Washington Times recounts the 2014 election and how the National Rifle Association bought Cory Gardner a seat in office. “While 55 percent said they voted for Mr. Gardner because he was a better candidate, 38 percent added they cast their votes to demonstrate their opposition to Mr. Obama’s gun control agenda. That’s about 20 percent of all of those who voted: an incredible indicator of one organization’s impact.”

Nasty spell

“Do not open unless you like radiation and witchcraft,” read a note on a safety deposit box at a Wells Fargo bank in Colorado Springs. Firemen showed up, only to find neither magic nor nukes present. Via The Gazette.


Photo credit: waterarchives.org.


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