Homebrew: Station manager pulls plug on Tancredo, hosts quit

Radio coup

Three conservative talk-radio hosts at KLZ 560 AM jumped ship in protest of higher ups’ freeze on Tom Tancredo as a guest, reported Lynn Bartels of the Denver Post. Station manager Don Crawford Jr. said he wanted to get a read on Tancredo’s role in the state GOP coup before putting him on air.

No trespassing

Another messy arrest. Another police officer shooting. Another killing justified by the law. Via The Gazette.

Justified force

The Colorado Springs Police Department concluded it was “justified, legal and proper” for officers to hold two black men at gunpoint and shove one to the ground before writing them a ticket for a cracked windshield. After reviewing cellphone footage of the incident, the ACLU is skeptical of the internal investigation. Via The Gazette.

Pot not

The Denver County Fair faced a class-action lawsuit after being accused of handing out marijuana edibles. This year, the organization has pulled its “pot pavilion,” reports John Wenzel of The Denver Post.

Free lunches pay off

Aurora is offering free lunch to anyone under 18 this summer at two local parks. Over 70 percent of district students qualify for free or reduced cost meals. Aurora Sentinel reporter Rachel Sapin tells the story of 8 year old Miriam Castellanos, her mother Martha and what it means to have a ham sandwich and a public pool every afternoon this summer.

Throw ’em a bone

Mary’s Medicinals in Denver pioneered medicated cannabis patches for humans in pain. The store’s newest product? Marijuana-enfused gel for dogs and cats. Better hope it’s not like that time your dog accidentally ate a whole tray of pot brownies. Via BusinessDen.com.

Motivational speaker

Nobel laureate and Taliban target Malala Yousafzai delivered an inspirational speech in Denver, reported Jessica Iannetta of The Denver Post “I wanted to speak up to bring change, and I wanted to see my dream come true. And I had no idea whether my voice would have any power or whether it would be able to bring change or whether it would be hard or not. But I did try. I raised my voice,” Yousafzai said.


Photo by Leonid Mamchenkov, Creative Commons, via Flickr

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