Wiretap: Police body camera footage foils killer cop’s lies

Fatal shot

This will move the debate on police and body cams: A white cop is indicted for murder in Cincinnati after a body-cam video shows him fatally shooting an unarmed black man following a minor traffic stop. The cop had said he had to shoot because he was being dragged by the car. The video shows otherwise. Via The New York Times.

Answer this

When Republicans are citing Hillary Clinton on Planned Parenthood, you know Democrats are really struggling to come up with a good answer. Via The Washington Post.

Scam sting

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards offers up an answer: A fake organization used a heavily edited (and possibly illegally obtained) video to make it seem that Planned Parenthood had done something wrong. Will that work? Via The Washington Post.

Strange metaphors

Get ready for the Iran nuclear debate. We’ve already been told of crocodiles, Pontius Pilate and the Holocaust. Via The New Yorker.

Odd numbers

Ross Douthat gives us a rundown on the various explanations for the Donald’s surprising poll numbers. It could be immigration. It could be Perot-ism. It could be populist anger. It could be, let’s just see how far this thing can go. Via The New York Times.

Trump U

Vox reminds us of the story of Trump University, which promised its students Donald Trump and a sort-of university. And delivered neither.

Since you’ve Ben gone

Remember Ben Carson. If 2012 is any guide, he just might be back. Via The Atlantic.


Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy says it’s time for Patriots fans to deal with it — that Tom Brady and the Patriots are cheaters.