Homebrew: Aurora Police Department’s reputation goes up in smoke


Cigar-gate has erupted – and no, this isn’t a throw back to Bill Clinton’s scandal. Aurora cops had built a cigar-smoking room in police facilities and were using taxpayer dollars to smoke and shoot the bull while on duty and in uniform. As the dignity of the department goes up in smoke, heads may roll. Via the Aurora Sentinel.

Unplanned message

Rep. Mike Coffman used a Planned Parenthood logo in a campaign ad during his last race, and last week voted to defund Planned Parenthood, reported 9News. Now, Democrats are charging him with hypocrisy, and his campaign is on the defense: “Using Planned Parenthood’s expression of support is not the same thing as saying it’s a good organization,” wrote Coffman’s spokeswoman Cinamon Watson in an email to 9NEWS.

Frack attack

Can cities ban fracking? The Colorado Supreme Court announced that it is going to decide. Via The Gazette.

Taxing situation

Building a Better Colorado, a bipartisan group that has been touted as the best chance of undoing Colorado’s libertarian Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights,  has failed to include champions of TABOR in the discussion, complain pro-TABOR advocates. Via The Denver Post.

Hard lessons

Today, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that the state isn’t violating its constitution by cutting funding for education. Whether Colorado’s breaking the law, schools need more funding to make up for an enormous deficit, argue education advocates.

Shooting up

It’s not just home prices that are on the rise in Aspen. Heroin use is up too. Via The Aspen Times.

Held up

An inmate at the Colorado State Penitentiary wrote Westword complaining that Aurora theater shooter James Holmes is receiving special treatment and that the prison is spending excess money on him. Department of Corrections denies it.


Photo credit: Gerry Dincher, Creative Commons, Flickr.

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