Keep Mike Keefe cartooning

Dear readers,

Last year, your donations funded The Colorado Independent’s Pulitzer winning cartoonist Mike Keefe for a full year of biting satire that chomps at the schemes of politics and power. Over the past twelve months, he has taken on everybody from Donald Trump to Dudley Brown. He’s reflected on the relationships between hate groups and gun violence, legalized marijuana, labor, climate change, fracking, the Animas River disaster, pay inequities, racial profiling, the bloated cost of higher education and rampant growth in Denver. Wednesday after Wednesday, his cartoons have made you laugh and look at politics and public life a little bit differently – even when it has been painful or bitterly ironic.

Soon, Mike’s funding will run out.

Check out this video to hear him discuss his work:

You’ll see why we want him around for another year. He’s committed to keep drawing about a state without another full-time political cartoonist. And you, members of The Indy’s growing “small-media, big-news” community who value Mike and his continuing role in Colorado journalism since he left The Denver Post in 2011 after 36 years, obviously want to keep enjoying his work.

Let’s make it happen, together.

Instead of a launching a crowd-funding effort for Mike like we did last year, and instead of the incessant emails and the cut to the middle-man, we’re trying a different, lower-key and decidedly more Keefe-esque approach. We’re just asking you here and now to please make a tax-deductible donation to keep this internationally acclaimed cartoonist with The Colorado Independent for another full year. All donations on this special link will go directly to keep Mike at work and preserve the dying art of political cartooning in Colorado. We’re on deadline, as always, so please contribute now.

Who knows what the coming year will bring for this square state, this purple country, this wounded world. But whatever happens, whatever direction things are headed, let’s all make sure Mike will be there doing what he does best – helping us connect with the news through his keen and soulful comic satire.

Thank you all, more than we can say.
Us at The Indy

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