Jeb! brings George W. mile high for an Oct. 18 fundraiser

Jeb! may be struggling to dodge George W.’s reputation for losing wars and torturing detainees who turn out to be nothing more than Middle Eastern. But Bush 3.0 isn’t dropping his big bro. Nope. He’s bringing George W. right here to our square state whose Blue, Red and Purple political stripes give special meaning to the name Colorful Colorado.

The fundraiser, which takes place Sunday, Oct. 18, at 6 p.m. — just in advance of the Republican primary debate at CU Boulder — promises to be colorful, if you can afford it.

Wanna go? Here’s how: 1) Pony up $1,000 for a ticket to hang with the brothers Bush. 2) Throw $2,700 into Jeb!’s coffers and you can participate in the “Host photo reception,” which we assume means you get your picture taken with the fraternal duo. 3) Toss $10,000 into the war chest and you can not only get your Bush on, but also snag two tickets to the GOP debate activities — two tickets CU Boulder students are crying for.

We got the invite from the event’s co-host Melissa Kuipers, a big-shot Denver attorney. Her ask: “Please take advantage of this rare opportunity to hear from Jeb and former President George W. Bush in an intimate setting.”

The setting, FYI, is the Martin Museum Residence, which we’re pretty sure is a private penthouse adjacent to the Denver Art Museum. You can check out photos of the digs here.

Former Gov. Bill Owens, State Treasurer Walker Stapleton and Denver businessman Ralph Nagel — each listed as a co-host — will be shin-digging with the brothers. Below you’ll find Kuipers’ email and everything you need to Bush it.


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Photo credit: Peter Stevens, Creative Commons, Flickr


  1. I thought Jeb! had $100 million, why does he need to fund raise? That’s not enough to spread the lie that you have some CLUE of what’s going on or have a guess of what to do for the country? I guess it’s more expensive to lie than it used to.

    May there be many flying shoes at this event.

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