Today, Jan. 4, is your deadline to declare a party if you want to caucus.

Daniel Morrison on Flickr
In Colorado, voters who want to participate in Democratic or Republican caucuses have to declare party affiliation by Jan. 4.


Want to participate in the upcoming March 1 Colorado caucuses? Well, public service announcement: Today, Jan. 4, is the final day you can affiliate with a political party to do so.

We know, that feels like a lot of work— especially on the first Monday after a sluggish holiday season.

But here at The Independent, we want to help make it easy. So just take a few moments, click this link, fill out the information, and you’re done.

Don’t know how the caucuses actually work? Read an explainer from The Independent here.

And remember, the only way you can participate in your neighborhood caucus on March 1 is if you’re a voter affiliated with a major political party. So if you’re an unaffiliated voter who wants to caucus with the Democrats or Republicans this year, you have to switch your affiliation. (You can always switch back later.)


Photo credit: Daniel Morrison, Creative Commons, Flickr