Public fracking study session postponed. Adams County commissioners to meet with attorney

The Adams County Board of Commissioners has postponed a public fracking information session scheduled for Tuesday in order to meet privately with the county attorney.

The county government website lists the new meeting item as an “Executive Session Pursuant to C.R.S. 24-6-402(4)(b) and (e) for the Purpose of Receiving Legal Advice and Negotiation Discussions Regarding Selection of Outside Counsel to Assist with MOU Negotiations.” County attorney Heidi Miller is listed as an attendee.

Jim Siedlecki, Director of Public Information for Adams County. says the session was called in response to a need for more time. The Board asserted its desire for legal council and more time for discussing last week’s eight-hour public hearing, but was unable to acquire all necessary information.

“From what I understand, the board wanted to retain the services of legal counsel with an expertise in oil and gas,” Siedlecki said. “In the past few days they did not have the opportunity to interview all the people they wanted to. They haven’t yet made a decision on who is going to provide that expertise,” he added.

Siedlecki is certain the study session will happen eventually. “They are going to have this study session. They’re just not going to have it tomorrow,” he said.

Whether the postponed study session will occur in the evening — a major point of contention among anti-fracking activisits who want it to be accessible to working community members — remains undetermined.

Photo credit: Kelsey Ray